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Biomechanics is the study of the mechanics of a living body. More specifically, it's the study of the forces exerted by your muscles and the earth's gravity on your skeletal structure.
Our bodies are constantly exposed to abnormal forces and sustained bad or asymmetrical postures. These postures include, standing on one leg, spending hours in a slumped position in front of a computer or training on a bicycle. This inevitably leads to muscle imbalances and asymmetrical stress and load on certain structures of the body.
In order to treat and prevent dysfunction and pain you have to correct these muscle. At Birkill Physiotherapists we are all trained to do a thorough biomechanical and postural assessment to determine abnormal load throughout the body. When we perform the assessment we pay particular attention to your joint mobility and  you muscle strengths and weaknesses.
These assessments are beneficial for anyone; from the lay man spending most of his day in front of a desk to a professional athlete who is training most of the day.

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