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We are all different. No two bodies are exactly the same. We all have our own unique qualities when it comes to body composition. This is why any form of exercise and rehabilitation needs to be unique and specific to the patient.

Each patient's aims and goals will be very different as well. An office worker's needs versus a professional athlete's needs will be vastly different. That means the exercise regime will have to be tailored for each. But that's not all. An athlete who is constantly subjected to asymmetrical loads, like a javelin thrower, will have very specific needs versus a symmetrically loaded athlete like a cyclist. The exercise rehabilitation program should take all of this in to account.


It's a scientifically proven fact that manual therapy in conjunction with appropriate exercise is much more effective than therapy alone. In all of the above instances the best and only way to meet the needs of such patients is to individualize their programs. Through targeted assessments our therapists are able to prescribe what is required for each patient.

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