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There is a strong emphasis and pressure in sports to continue to produce positive results. This has caused a growing requirement of sports medicine to assist in minimising injury and enhancing performance. Physical screening and prehabilitation has become more and more popular to assist teams to have a successful season. 


When we conduct a physical screening at Birkill Physiotherapists we identify the current musculoskeletal condition of the athlete. It's best to do the screening done during the pre-season training phase. This assessment then allows us to obtain base data to:

  • Identify any past or current injuries. Here we can develop a specific exercise prescription that's aimed at managing the condition and preventing further injury.

  • Determine physical changes over time, which is particularly important in younger, growing athletes and athletes that are in engaged in long hours of training or competition .

  • Assist exercise prescription for musculoskeletal conditioning. The effective physical conditioning involves measurement, review and modifications to exercise training programs involving sport science and sport physiotherapy.

Our assessment tool and grading system documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, we readily identify functional limitations and asymmetries in the body that could lead to distorted body awareness and or injury.


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